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After renting a booth for 1 1/2 yrs in Sheila's Hair Salon a.k.a The Hair Salon,6935 Old Lawyers Rd,Charlotte,NC,I became extremely ill (I was diagnosed with a lung obstruction and fungal rash)The owner Sheila Trull had an air-quality test done,because she said,I was the 2nd person to complain of these types of symptoms after working in this space.NON-SPECIFIC BACTERIA was found in the air-conditioning unit that was placed in the room I rented.Several MOLDS AND VISIBLE FUNGI were also found(some molds were identified and some were fragments and couldn't be identified) prior to the air-quality test being done there was a flood at the salon and dehumidifier machines were bought in-as a result of this I believe it released all of this bacteria and fungi air-borne and made me sick-The bacteria was found only in my room.The owner,after reading her own report would not accept this and refused to reimburse me for doctors' appts and meds I had to buy.AVOID THIS PLACE!!


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I regret the day i signed with this Company, and if you do im am sure you will regret it too.Transactions that i batched out and had receipts as proof didn't go to my account, not once but numerous times.

They still, didn't give me my money back.

I have been dealing with them for two months now, trying to dispute it and the customer service representatives are complete idiots. I am constantly transferred to different numbers , and every single person is telling me they don't know what's going on. I called again today and they actually hang up on me.At this point i don't even know what to do, because like i said , it' been two months a, and these icompetent idiots haven't helped me yet.

Besides that i was given wrong numbers, and they were very rude.I could go on forever , so please don't sign with this Company , they have the worst service you can imagine

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